Why Hire a Freelancer?

Here are  nine good reasons why people hire a freelancer — and specifically, nine reasons why you want to hire Nancy Langmeyer.

Reason #1 I just need to get it done!overcominghurdlessm

Work is piling up, the sales force is demanding more case studies, your website is out of date…and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed! Just call Nancy and relief is on the way.

Reason #2 My staff is maxed out.

“Do more with less” is a philosophy that can only work for so long. There are times when your staff or other internal resources just can’t take on another project. Nancy can step in, quickly become an extension to your staff, and before you know it, you’re ahead of the game again.

Reason #3 I’m not loving his copy!

Hiring a freelancer can sometimes be a scary thing…and it’s not always a good match. When it’s not working out right and you want a new perspective, call Nancy.

Reason #4 I need it fast!

Nancy was an advertising executive and a marketing communications manager before starting her own freelance writing business, so she understands the pressure you are under to get a project finished. Nancy can often give your project immediate focus and get it done really fast!

Reason #5 “Someday” projects need to get done now.

You’ve put off tackling that niggly project for long enough. It’s time to surrender and call in some qualified help! And the number to call is 978-499-9535.

Reason #6 I want my own in-house writer, but I don’t have the budget.

Nancy has worked with clients who have had this intention, and then realized it was just easier and more cost-effective — both at a departmental as well as corporate level — to outsource many of the writing projects.

Reason #7 We have writers, but none that can…

Even if you do have an in-house writer, or people on staff that excel at writing, you sometimes may need an expertise outside the realm of your own resources. Whether it’s great interviewing skills, the knack for kick-butt research, or SEO knowledge — call Nancy and she can augment your own fabulous staff with her expertise.

Reason #8 I need someone who can write and think strategically.

Many writers will go off and write up a project, just as requested. That’s fine and may work most of the time. But Nancy will add a strategic element, meaning that she’ll ask probing questions and offer suggestions for taking what you thought was a good idea and making it into an even better one.

Reason #9 I don’t want to handhold my writers throughout the project.

Nancy is used to taking a project and running with it, from beginning to end. That means she can do a lot more than just the writing — she can collect all the input, manage the approval cycles, and anything else that is needed to make the project a huge success.

Reason enough?

Need we say more? Call Nancy at 978-499-9535. Or, if you want to see if Nancy can help you with a particular challenge, email her today.