The Write Words Freelance Copywriting Services Nancy LangmeyerWith four advertising agencies, four high tech corporations, numerous awards, and fifteen years of running her own firm under her belt, Nancy Langmeyer, principal of The Write Words, has quite a lot of something to offer her clients.

Yes, her passion is telling the story of her clients and their customers through a variety of mediums. But there’s more, a whole lot more, than just Nancy’s freelance marketing communications writing that can benefit you and your company.

~ Creative, intelligent writing. Of course, great writing is at the heart of any Write Words project. Writing that is delivered quickly and on target — and that drives results.

~ Strategic, outside-the-box thinking. Always resourceful, Nancy uses her creativity and ingenuity to help find the best solution for the toughest marketing challenges.

~ Extraordinary, insightful project management. As Nancy’s clients try to do more with less, they can count on Nancy to take initiative and, when desired, she can help manage writing projects from start to finish, with ease and efficiency.

~ In-depth research. Nancy also supplements every writing project with deep analysis of the market, the competition, and other industry and global factors that influence the content of a project.

~ Effective interviewing. Nancy often is asked to take charge of input gathering and can expedite and add value to projects by interviewing key content holders. Nancy is also known for her short, yet in-depth customer interviews for projects such as case studies that draw out a wealth of interesting and strategically relevant information.

~ Technical translation. As a non-technical techy, Nancy has the ability to take information about the widgets, gizmos, and wow factors of a highly complex technology product or service and translate all the data into interesting copy that is easily understood by pretty much everyone and anyone, but most importantly — the target audience.

To learn more about Nancy’s services, check out The Write Words’ portfolio, where you can see her work in action. Or, for more information, email her today.