White Papers

White papers are a marketing tool that can be used by almost every industry, for almost every product or service. And because we are in a very information-centric era right now, they often are the first glimpse a prospect may have of your company.

The beauty of this vehicle is that it oozes expertise, where through non-product specific content, you can share your knowledge about a particular topic with your audience in a highly trusted format.

White papers also help close business, as well. For IESC, an electrical services company in New England, their white paper on arc flashes that Nancy wrote helped them win a very large contract.

While many white papers can get up to 16-20 pages, they can be as short as four pages. The important thing to keep in mind is that white papers provide you with the opportunity to capitalize on your company’s expertise and then showcase it in an easy-to-read, well-written document. When done properly, the content will sell your company better than almost any other tool you have.

Have your industry expert call Nancy today at 978-499-9535. Together they can put your company’s voice forth in a compelling, thought-provoking document that sells.

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