Samples of Work

Nancy has assumed the roles of publisher, writer, and/or editor for several newsletters, including ones powered by Constant Contact and IMN. These systems are “user friendly,” but they still require a bit of expertise. Nancy has mastered these services enough that she can implement the entire cycle of a newsletter, from content development, to uploading content, to the actual email distribution of the newsletter itself.

For instance, Nancy has been writing and publishing a newsletter for Jackie Woodside for quite some time. Nancy works with Jackie on developing the content, she maintains the mailing list, uploads the content after editing it into a pre-designed template, and mails it off. This newsletter has been surpassing industry averages in multiple categories, such as open rates, issue after issue.

For many of Nancy’s clients, one of the biggest challenges for a newsletter is the content development. To produce fresh, new material month after month can seem like a huge time and energy drain. Nancy some of her clients with this issue by re-purposing content that is already in existence. For others who want to include a fresh, new perspective, Nancy interviews content holders, such as a company’s thought leaders,  for industry opinions that make excellent articles.

If you have a need to communicate frequently with your prospects and customers, contact Nancy and she can help you develop a strategy for a regular, hard-hitting communication that is full of impact month after month. Call her today at 978-499-9535.