Profiles typically do exactly as the name says – they “profile” someone or something in a short article, typically 600-800 words, for use on websites, in annual reports, or in special interest communications.

These are another one of Nancy’s favorite things to do, because like case studies, she gets to interview people about a topic they are passionate about – whether it’s their school, their philanthropic cause, or a research project they are spearheading.

For Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Nancy interviewed professors from 15 different departments on their research projects. The research included studies on guard rail technology, the results of which would be implemented on a state’s highway within six months, to nano technology which will be used in space elevators 50 years from now. This project was, to say the least, one of the most fascinating ones that Nancy has had the pleasure to undertake.

Another very interesting project was for World Learning, a unique educational institute based in Vermont. The organization has international education programs in more than 75 countries. Nancy had the opportunity to interview current students, graduates, and major contributors from all over the world and write about how profoundly the school had impacted their lives.

Profiles add great human interest to any marketing program…to learn more, call Nancy today at 978-499-9535.

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