Case Studies

Case studies are a highly effective sales tool, because it’s forum where customers are talking to other customers and that makes them incredibly believable.

Sales people love the good ones – the ones that delve deep into the details of how their company beat out the competition and delivered a better service. That’s the kind of story Nancy delivers – one that is full of persuasive content but is still a great, easy read!

Here are a few stories about her favorite case study projects…

It doesn’t matter what kind of input you have…Nancy can do the story!

Recommended by another client, Nancy was hired by a high tech company that was quickly becoming a leader in its industry. Nancy provided writing and editing services for many projects, but primarily for case studies. After working with the client for several years, the majority of the case studies now on this client’s website have been written by Nancy.

These case studies have always been fun projects, because the input comes in all shapes and forms. One particular case study discussed how a premier European supplier of baby products used this client’s technology to successfully grow its online business. Because of the customer’s busy schedule, an interview was not possible, so Nancy developed the story from news stories about the launch of the customer’s site and the ongoing success of the company. And the story was approved, with only minor changes!

Case Study Tip If you don’t have perfect input – or if your customers are too busy to be interviewed – don’t worry! Nancy can help you craft a case study that showcases the best attributes of your company and convinces your prospects to buy your product or service.

Details, details, details — it’s all in the details!

Another client, a devloper of a content management solution (CMS), first met Nancy when they agreed to participate in a case study for another client, who had a lead qualification solution (LQS). Nancy interviewed the LQS user, got her approval, and then sent a draft to her PR person. The PR person red-lined much of the expansive details in the case study, but then hired Nancy to get that same level of informative content from their customers!

Case Study Tip If you want your case studies to be chock full of great details on how a customer uses your products and services to further their business, hire Nancy. She has a wonderful ability to conduct short interviews that get customers to share a wealth of great information that they normally wouldn’t offer up!

Case studies come in all shapes and sizes

One of Nancy’s clients is a leader in her field (professional B2B consulting services) and she recently received two major industry awards recognizing her expertise. Over a period of seven years, Nancy worked with this client to build the company’s first website and write almost all of the case studies that are now found online, plus 10 or so more that are archived.

Because the company is selling a service, there isn’t quite as much information as there would be with a product-based story. Prospective clients just want to be comfortable that the consultants are good at what they do. Stories like this are easy to tell, so the format is short and to the point. Despite their brevity, however, these case studies still have a lot of impact and truly do help close sales.

Case Study Tip Case studies can come in a variety of different shapes and formats, whether long or short or somewhere in between. Nancy can find a style that fits with your company’s brand and positioning while keeping the ultimate goal in mind – getting your current customers to sell your products or services to your prospective customers by sharing their story about how you made them successful.

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