Articles are a great marketing tool, but too often companies bypass opportunities to appear in either online or print publications because they don’t have enough staff to produce an article in time to meet an editor’s deadline.

These articles are free publicity and carry a lot of weight, since they typically position the bylined author as an expert within the industry, with informative content that is perceived as valuable advice.

While Nancy often ghost writes articles after a telephone interview with the content holder, she also gets asked to edit articles. Her clients take a first stab at it, getting down the main points that they want to convey. They then pass it to Nancy to polish it up, and often, trim it back to meet the word count of the publication.

The deadlines are quick, but Nancy is always there for her clients, no matter if it’s a quick edit, or a re-purposing of already published content with a new spin.

Nancy also has extensive experience with blogs as well. In fact, she worked with Jupiter Research to gather speakers for the first conference ever held on blogs. The main discussion at the conference was around the topic of whether or not blogs would ever make a successful crossover from the technical world where they were born, to the corporate world. And look at us today! Blogs are now a “must have”!

Whether you need writing help for blogs or articles, contact Nancy at 978-499-9535 today. She’ll help you make the most of your next opportunity.

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