Here is a sampling of Nancy’s broad and deep portfolio, with a few favorites in each project category. Nancy selected these pieces just as much for the story behind them (such as why she got hired, how she does what she does, and what kind of results the project achieved), as for the writing itself.

Nancy hopes you enjoy these selections and that you find a sample that matches your project needs. If not, give Nancy a call at 978-499-9535 or email her today and she’ll find one that does!



These are one of Nancy’s favorite types of project, because she loves to interview people and tell their story. Case studies are particularly useful in shortening sales cycles and knocking out the competition, because they are peer-to-peer communications that are believable and generate trust.

Read more about case studies, including a few tips for your next one…



This marketing tool presents companies with an opportunity to showcase their industry expertise and thought leadership. White papers can also help weed out the competition, as they allow companies to set the selling agenda and raise the bar in sales engagements.

Learn how white papers can help your company…



Nancy authors, ghost writes, and edits articles for online and print industry publications, blogs, and newsletters that help build brand awareness and exhibit industry leadership.

See how Nancy helps her clients with their articles…


For websites, annual reports, and research publications, Nancy produces short profiles of individuals and groups that discuss their work, philanthropic efforts, or other human interest endeavors.

Read about the profiles of two very interesting clients…



Nancy has helped small- to medium-sized companies develop SEO-rich content for their websites. These sites help put their companies on the map and assist them grow substantially.

Learn about a big impact for a small website…



Nancy has written, edited, and published entire electronic newsletters, from soup to nuts, and watched them exceed industry standards for open rates.

Read how Nancy can help with any or all parts of your newsletter project…

There’s More!

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