Get Acquainted with Nancy

I passionately tell the story of my clients and their customers through inspired words that create rewarding successes for all.”

I love my mission statement, because I truly am inspired to provide you with the best work possible so that you – and your customers – succeed.

I am a writer, but to achieve my goal (which is to be one of the best writers you have ever hired), I add in a whole bunch of other skills, such as strategic thinking, project management, and a can-do attitude.

I started my career in advertising agencies, in the roles of traffic manager, production manager, and account executive. I then became “the client,” switching over to managerial positions in marketing communications for a variety of high tech companies. When I realized I loved doing the work more than managing people, I left the security of the corporate world, started my own business, and unleashed my creativity.

My creativity, including my writing, is a truly inspired gift, as it comes more from intuition than learning. And the results have proven that I putting this gift to good use, as successful result after result pours in.

A Few Interesting Factoids About Me!

  • I was first a photography major in college, then graduated with a BA in art history.
  • After taking a roller blading trip in Florida with Zephyr Adventures, I wrote an article on the trip that was published on the front page of the Miami Herald’s Travel section.
  • My work has won several New England Direct Marketing Association Awards — for both first and second place.
  • Golf is a favorite pastime of mine, when I have extra time!
  • The places I have enjoyed visiting the most? Let’s see… Arizona, Switzerland, and a little place in upstate New York. Right on the St. Lawrence Seaway, Clayton looks out on many of the 1000 islands in the Seaway.
  • I have a Twitter account, but I’m just observing and glomming lots of good info right now.
  • My first writing experience? Early in my marketing manager career, a writer I used frequently was not able to update a direct marketing piece. I did it myself, got awesome results, and realized writing was my true calling. Hey, if it brings in good results for my clients, I must be doing something right, don’t you think?
  • I have climbed up Mt. Washington…and down, but not in the same trip. Doing it all in one trip is a future goal of mine.
  • Best vacation ever? A visit to a little relatively undeveloped (at least then!) island near the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, called Isla Holbox, which was settled by pirates who intermarried with local Mayans living in the area.
  • Best sunset ever? On a ferry from Victoria, BC, headed back to Seattle.
  • Scariest moment? Not sure, as it hasn’t happened yet!

If you haven’t done so yet, please check out my work in The Write Words’ portfolio. It’s just a sampling of the fun I’ve had over the years with my clients!

I dedicate this site to all my friends, family, and colleagues who have made this site happen, including the angelic presence of my sister Joanne.